Zero Tolerance 0350 EDC Knife Review

Zero Tolerance 0350

The Zero Tolerance 0300 knife has long been known as a "tank" of a folding knife.  The problem is with it's size and weight it's not the best everyday carry knife.  ZT went back to the drawing board to make a smaller and lighter knife without compromising that "tank" feel.  The result is the Zero Tolerance 0350 knife.

The ZT0350 is 10% smaller than it's big brother and weighs 3 ounces less.  This means you are more app to carry this knife than a larger one.

This USA made knife has several features that put it in the top lists of  EDC knives.​  Let's take a look at these features now.

Blade Length and Knife Weight

  • 3 1/4" Blade Length
  • 7 5/8" Open Length
  • 4 5/8 Closed Length
  • Weighs 5.6 Ounces

Blade Design Advantages & Disadvantages

Drop Point - The Zero Tolerance 0350 has the most popular EDC knife blade design in the drop point.  A drop point design is very versatile and makes for a stronger tip.

The blade shape on the ZT0350 is a recurve blade rather than a straight edge.  This does make it a little trickier for sharpening purposes.  Most people prefer to sharpen this blade shape on a ceramic rod rather than a grinding stone.​

On the top of the blade there is significant jimping.  This helps you to get a good grip while applying pressure with your thumb for tough cutting tasks.​

Blade Material

Zero Tolerance Blade

S30V Stainless Steel - One of the best stainless steels you can buy for an every day carry knife. S30V steel was designed in a collaboration with famous knifemaker Chris Reeves.

S30V has a fine grain that enhances it's sharpness and the overall toughness of the blade.​  It's double tempered to get the blade to a Rockwell hardness of 59.5 - 61.  This steel is expensive to make so it's only featured on higher end knives like the 0350.

The ZT0350 blade is finished off with a tungsten DLC​ (Diamond Like Coating) coating. This coating helps to prevent corrosion and reduces friction when cutting.  It also helps to strengthen the knife blade even more. Finally, it's wear resistant and non reflective.

Handle (Scales) Material

ZT0350 Handles

G-10 Handles - The scales on the Zero Tolerance 0350 knife is made from woven glass fibers that have been filled in with epoxy.  G-10 handles are extremely durable and weatherproof.

G-10 is one of those materials that varies from knife to knife.  Sometimes the G-10 texture can be too smooth making it slick to hold onto if your hands are wet.  The other end of the spectrum is when G-10 is made too abrasive which will wear out your pocket when used in an EDC knife.  Zero Tolerance did a great job with the 0350 handles in finding a nice middle ground.​

The ZT0350 comes with a strong quad-mount system for carrying.​  The pocket clip can be removed with a Torx T-6 bit and moved to either side or end of the handle.  This makes for a tip up, tip down, right handed, and left handed carry options.  You can also just remove the clip all together if you prefer to just carry the knife in the bottom of your pocket.

Opening & Locking Mechanisms

ZT0350 Knife

Assisted Opening - The ZT0350 comes with the Speed Safe assisted opening technology.  Once you pull back on the blade protrusion on the back the knife a internal torsion bar takes over and quickly opens the blade.  

This allows you to open the knife without any wrist roll action.  It's as fast as a switchblade but legal in many places that a switchblade isn't.  

The ZT0350 doesn't have a safety lock to help make sure that it doesn't come open in your pocket.  The pressure required to open this knife is enough to ensure your safety while carrying and I've never heard of one coming open in a pocket by accident.​

There are thumb studs on the blade of the ZT0350 but they are in a poor position to actually use them to open the knife.  Most of the time you will just use the protrusion on the back of the knife to open it.​

Liner Lock - ​ This everyday carry knife has the typical liner lock.  When the knife is in the open position one side of the liner moves over to the butt of the knife.  This provides a solid safe locking system so you can really bear down on the knife when doing heavier tasks.

Zero Tolerance knives have a strong locking system.  There is no play in the knife blade front to back or side to side.​

One advantage to liner lock systems is that you can close the knife with one hand.  As a matter of fact with the assisted opening and liner lock mechanisms everything can be done with just one hand on the ZT0350 knife.​


All Zero Tolerance knives are protected by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  They will repair or replace any knife that has a defect and has been properly used and maintained.

Simply send the knife back to Tualatin, Oregon and they will fix your knife.  They will also sharpen it before sending it back to you.  Likewise, they will also sharpen your knife at anytime for free if you send it back to their Oregon location.

Finally, if you happen to accidentally break your blade, Zero Tolerance will replace it for $30.  That's a pretty good deal for a S30V knife blade.​

  • S30V Stainless Steel Blade
  • G-10 Handles
  • Quad-Mount Pocket Clip 
  • Speed Assist Opening
  • Strong Liner Lock
  • Tungsten DLC Blade Coating
  • Smaller & Lighter Design than 0300
  • Made in the USA
  • Thumb Studs are in a poor spot

Final Thoughts

Zero Tolerance has been known for making higher end folding knives.  This usually come with a higher price but the Zero Tolerance 0350 knife is on the lower end of the price scale for ZT knives.

This makes it a great choice for your EDC knife in my opinion.  It's a great combination of high quality blade and handle materials along with solid opening and locking mechanisms. This knife is definitely in my weekly rotation of everyday carry knives.​

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