Kershaw Skyline 1760 Knife Review

Kershaw Skyline

If you are looking for a slim profile, lightweight, American made knife to carry everyday then look no further.  The Kershaw Skyline 1760 knife is one of the most popular edc knives on the market today.

The Skyline comes super sharp straight out the box.  Kershaw has designed this knife to be slim and lightweight so it doesn't take up too much area in your front pocket.  

It's perfect for those people that don't know if they really want to carry a knife everyday or not. Carry this knife around and you will forget that it's even there until you need to cut something. Let's take a more in-depth look at this good edc knife.​

Blade Length and Knife Weight

  • 3 1/8" Blade Length
  • 7 3/8" Open Length
  • 4 1/4" Closed Length
  • Weighs 2.3 Ounces

Blade Design Advantages & Disadvantages

Drop Point Design - The Kershaw Skyline comes in the typical drop point design.  This provides a stronger blade and a stronger tip.  Drop point designs are very versatile which is just what you want in an everyday carry knife blade.

Blade Material

Kershaw Skyline Blade

Sandvik 14C28N Steel - Kershaw has teamed up with Sandvik Steel to make the Skyline blade.  Sandvik Steel is one of the world's leading manufactures of alloys and stainless steels.  Sandvik calls 14C28N the highest overall rated steel in a production type knife blank.

14C28N provides excellent corrosion resistance and hardness.  The blade on the Kershaw Skyline is hardened to a 58-60 on the Rockwell hardness scale.  Kershaw Knives finishes off this blade with a bead blast finish for a stunning look.

Handle (Scales) Material

Black G-10 Scales - Kershaw  has made the Skyline with slim black G-10 handles.  The G-10 provides a good gripping surface while still being stylish. 

​The pocket clip on the Skyline comes in the tip up carry position.  You can reverse this clip and carry the knife tip down if that is your preference.  Unfortunately, this knife is setup for right handed use only.  I'd recommend removing the pocket clip all together if you want to use it in the left handed position.

Probably my favorite part of the handle design is when the knife is open it has a real nice deep index figure choil.  This allows you to get a solid grip on the knife in the situations where you really need to bear down.​

Opening & Locking Mechanisms 

Kershaw Skyline Top

Manual Flipper - This Kershaw knife comes with the manual flipper which is great for people in states where an assisted knife is illegal.  The flipper requires a slight flick of the wrist to open fully.  Once you get this technique down the Skyline is as fast as most assisted knives to open. 

Another nice thing about manual flippers is you don't have to worry about them coming open in your pocket.  Most assisted everyday carry knives have a locking mechanism to prevent them from accidentally opening.  This can be a nuisance whenever you want to use the knife.​

One thing I don't think was necessary on this knife was the thumb studs.  They are in a poor spot to be really effective at helping to open the knife.  I would of preferred Kershaw had just left them off.​

Liner Lock - ​Most EDC knives today have the liner lock system.  When the knife is open the lockbar moves over so it's up against the butt of the blade.  This provides a strong secure lock on the knife to prevent it from closing.  Another great thing about liner locks is that you can close the knife one handed.


The Kershaw Skyline 1760 is backed by Kershaw's Limited Lifetime Warranty.  This protects against any manufacturing defects.  Kershaw will also sharpen your knife for free if you ship it to them at their Oregon location.

Finally if you ever happen to break the blade on your Skyline, Kershaw will replace the blade for just $10.  All you have to pay for is shipping to their Oregon manufacturing plant.​

  • 14C28N Sandvik Steel Blade
  • Slim Lightweight Design
  • G-10 Black Handles
  • Strong Drop Point Blade Design
  • Tip up or Tip down Carry 
  • Smooth Manual Flipper
  • Strong Secure Liner Lock
  • Deep Index Finger Contour
  • Made in the USA
  • No Left Handed Clip Holes
  • Thumb Studs are in a Poor Spot

Final Thoughts

The Kershaw Skyline 1760 is one of my favorite every day carry knives.  You will usually find it clipped in my pocket more days than not.  

I really like it's slim and lightweight design.  It cut's anything that I need done daily like a champ.  Check one out and see if it isn't the best EDC knife for you too.​

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