30 Uses for an EDC Knife

30 Uses for EDC Knife

When I first got married, my wife asked why I felt I always need to carry a knife. I informed her that there was an unlimited uses for an EDC knife and proceeded to show her many of those over the years. Now she just asks to use it all the time.

So what are these uses? Well here is some of the uses for a good everyday carry knife.

1. Food Prep - From cutting an apple to slicing a steak, a good sharp edc knife will come in handy for these tasks.​

2. Bottle Opener - You can open a bottle of beer or wine with your knife.​

3. Make a Fire - You can cut up tender, make a feather stick, and strike a ferro rod with a knife. Fire is good.

4. Self Defense - I hope you never have to use a knife for this but it’s nice to know it’s there just in case. A knife also is easier to carry and accepted in places where you might not be able to carry a gun.​

5. Cut Seat Belts - You never know when you might be in an accident or come upon one and need to free someone.

6. First Aid - Along the accident lines, a good edc knife can come in handy for cutting bandages, cutting off boots or clothing in a first aid situation.

7. Opening Items - This is going to be one of the most common uses for an edc knife. Letters, boxes, bags, packages, etc. They all don’t stand a chance if they get in my way.

8. Cutting Thread - Have a thread that is coming loose on an article of clothing? Cut it off quickly so it doesn’t come completely undone.

Pocket knife with rope

9. Cut Ropes and Cords - I’m always cutting rope to tie things and other cordage like paracord with my knife. It works great.

10. Cut Paper - Sometimes I want to clip a coupon out of a paper. No need to search for a pair of scissors when my knife will work just fine.

11. Pry Open Objects - This isn’t something that I would necessarily recommend doing with your knife blade but it does work and I have done it. Removing staples in wood is a good example of this.​

12. Punch Holes - A knife comes in handy to make holes in objects like a belt.

13. Stripping Wire - It’s easy to get that plastic coating off of wires with your knife.

14. Sharpening a Pencil - Old school here. It works when you don’t have a pencil sharpener.​

15. Cutting Pills - One of my daily meds is just half a dose. I’m always using it for this task.

16. Personal Hygiene - From cutting your fingernails to shaving, you can do all of it with a knife. Need to clean out your fingernails or trim a piece of hair. Done.

​17. Toothpick - Probably not the greatest thing on your teeth but effective.

Knife Carving

18. Carving - Need to make a notch in a piece of wood, make a spoon, or carve your girlfriend's name in the bleachers?  Yeah a pocket knife can do that too.

​19. Butchering - An edc knife can be used for game butchering. It’s been done for thousands of years. I've never done big game like a deer with mine but I've done plenty of rabbits and squirrels

20. Fisherman’s Friend - Cutting bait, fishing line, or filleting fish, a good knife can do it all.

21. Splinter Removal - Run a splinter in your hand. A knife can get that out in no time flat.

22. Gardening - From pruning the roses to cutting vegetables off the plant, my edc knife gets used all the time in the garden.

23. Cutting Tape - Another task that I do weekly is cutting masking, electrical or duct tape.

24. Whittling - An edc knife can make you a tool handle.  And whittling is relaxing so add stress release to the list.

25. General Repair - Some edc knives are actually multi tools with screwdrivers and bits. But even if they aren’t you can tighten or loosen a screw with a regular pocket knife.

26. Change Batteries - Lots of electronic items have battery compartments that make it next to impossible to get the batteries out of it. I can pop those old ones out in no time with my knife.

27. Scraping a pipe - I don’t personally smoke but my uncle smokes a pipe. His edc knife works great to scrape and clean it out.

28. Superhero Status - People may give you crap on why you need to carry an every day carry knife but when they need one and you whip yours out and save the day; instant Superhero.

29. Camping - There is all sorts of tasks around the camp that require a knife and I would be lost without mine.

30. Because their cool. Not really a use but I just love the different looks and styles. I can still remember how cool my first knife was and I still feel that way today. And who doesn’t like practicing flicking their knife open? I guess making me happy is a use!

So there you have it.  30 uses for your edc knife.  My wife no longer asks why I need to carry a pocket knife everyday.  Now she just asks why I need some many different ones.  My response?  Why do you need so many shoes?

What are some other uses that you use your everyday carry knife for?  And how many knives do you rotate in and out of your EDC carry?​