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Removing Patina from Carbon Steel – Should You & How to Do It

removing patina from carbon steel

Carbon steels make up the majority of bushcraft knives and older collectible knives. Tool steel like O-1 date back to the first world war and there are hundreds of thousands of knives that are coated in a scaly buildup of stains and corroded metal that if removed would yield a vintage perfectly fine knife.If you’re […]

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Does Cutting Paper Dull Knives?

Knife cutting paper

I was at work the other day and pulled out my EDC knife choice of the day and began opening envelopes. My coworker made the comment that you’re going to dull that knife quick. That got me thinking does cutting paper dull knives? Now I know what some of you are thinking. Of course, it […]

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Kershaw Portal Review – A Decent Budget Knife Option

Kershaw Portal

The Kershaw Portal is one of KAI’s new knives for 2016.  This is one of their budget line knives and is made in China.  Kershaw has done another great job with their cheaper line of knives this year.If you’re on a limited budget and just want a good EDC knife then the Portal might be […]

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Is Surgical Steel Good for Knives?

Is Surgical Steel Good for Knives

If you lurk around the knife forums for long and you will read people asking if surgical steel is good for knives. First we need to understand what is surgical steel.Surgical steel is actually an informal term referring to several grades of stainless steel. Most commonly it refers to 420 and 440 stainless steels. It […]

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What is the Best Oil for Quenching Knife Steel?

Best Oil for Quenching Steel

If you ever get into making your own knives or tools, at some point you will need to quench a knife. Most commonly this is done with various types of oils. But what is the best oil for quenching steel?First, we need to understand what is the purpose of quenching and what it does to […]

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