Winchester Burl Wood Gut Hook Hunting Knife Review

Winchester Hunting Knife

Think a hunting knife has to be expensive?  The Winchester Burl Wood Gut Hook Hunting Knife might change your mind.

A knife snob might turn their nose up at a knife that sells for under $25 but I disagree.  While I don't think you should go cheap with folding knives (think safety), fixed blade knifes are different.

With a fixed blade knife there just isn't a whole lot that can go wrong with them.  Most are full tang blades so no chance of you breaking them.  What you are really paying for is better steel material, blade materials, handles, sheath, and craftsmanship.  

If those are not that important to you or you are on a budget, then the Winchester 22-41783 knife could be the best hunting knife for you.​  Lets check out some of the features of this budget minded knife.

Blade Length, Blade Thickness, and Knife Weight

  • 5" Blade Length
  • 9 3/4" Overall Length
  • 3/16" Blade Thickness
  • Weighs 9.3 Ounces
  • Full Tang Blade - No chance of breaking this blade with normal use.

What Comes in the Box?

  • The Winchester 22-41783 Burl Wood Fixed Blade Guthook Knife
  • Ballistic Nylon Shealth

Blade Design Advantages & Disadvantages

Drop Point with Gut Hook - The thick blade on this knife combined with the drop point design make it a real workhorse.  The blade will handle all the heavy tasks you can throw at it.

The gut hook is there for those hunters that prefer this when gutting an animal. Personally I'm fine with just using a knife's edge for this task but I realize every hunter is different.​

Blade Material

420A Stainless Steel - 420A is a hard strong steel.  It has decent edge holding capabilities and is easy to resharpen.  

420A also has good corrosion resistance for a budget steel material.  The Rockwell hardness runs between 49-53 with this stainless steel mixture.  

Is this the best hunting knife steel?  No but we aren't talking about a knife that is over $100.  This type of steel ​provides a good balance of knife blade traits at a budget price.

Handle (Scales) Material

Burl Wood Handles - The burl wood on this Winchester knife is beautiful.  It really makes it look like a more classic hunting knife.  It also comes with stainless steel bolsters.

The one problem that I have with the handles is that they are a little slick.  I question how great of a grip your are going to have when the handles are wet or if you are wearing gloves.​

There is also a lanyard hole on the back of these handles.  This is perfect for carrying a little extra paracord.​

Knife Sheath

Nylon Ballistic Sheath - All around basic sheath.  The nylon sheath has an plastic insert to protect the knife from cutting through the nylon.  

Some have complained that over time the fasten point for this insert breaks off and will try to come out when you pull the knife from the sheath.  A simple fix is just to glue or epoxy it back into the sheath.

All around I've seen worse sheaths and on a knife that is $25 or less you can't complain too much about this sheath.​


Unlike Buck Knives or Cutco, Winchester does not have a forever warranty.  As a matter of fact there is no warranty on Winchester knives.

Now that doesn't mean they are crap.  It just means that you are buying a knife that is under $25 and if for some strange reason it broke, you would have to buy another replacement knife.  Shipping alone would probably eat up the price of this knife if Winchester did have a warranty.​

  • Budget Priced
  • Beautiful Burl Wood Handles
  • Built in Gut Hook
  • Decent 420A Stainless Steel
  • Full Tang
  • Cheap Sheath Insert
  • No Warranty

Final Thoughts

Nobody says you have to spend $100 or $200 for a decent hunting knife.  Will you get a better knife?  Sure.  Will it be night and day difference?  No.

So if you budget is low or you are just looking for a good cheap hunting knife to start with, then the Winchester Burl Handle Hunting Knife with Gut Hook might be the best hunting knife for you.​