Kershaw Diskin Hunter Fixed Blade Knife Review

Kershaw Hunting Knife

When you are looking for the best hunting knives you not only want a knife that can handle a variety of tasks but you also want a good looking knife. The Kershaw 1085 Diskin Hunter delivers on both fronts.

This knife is built with durability, toughness, and edge holding factors in mind.  The slim handle and sweeping back gives it eye appeal.

The Diskin is made in the USA in Tualatin, Oregon. Typical of all Kershaw knives, it's plenty sharp right out of the box.​  Is the Kershaw Diskin the best hunting knife for you?  Let's check out some of positives and any negatives.

Blade Length, Blade Thickness, and Knife Weight

  • 4 5/8" Blade
  • 9 1/2" Overall
  • .125 Blade Thickness
  • Weighs 5.0 oz Without Sheath
  • Full Tang Blade

What Comes in the Box?

Blade Design Advantages & Disadvantages

Drop Point Vertical

Drop Point Blade -  Like most hunting knives I review, the Kershaw Diskin Hunter has a drop point blade design.  The drop point design gives you a tougher tip while also protecting from an accidental hide puncture while skinning.

​The drop point blade design is so popular on hunting knives because it gives you a great all around knife blade.   The full belly makes it a general workhorse of a knife.

Blade Material


Sandvik 14C28N Stainless Steel, Stonewashed Finish - Kershaw Knives has paired with Sandvik Steel to create this 14C28N stainless steel.  The result is a blade material that has high corrosion resistance with the ability to be hardened to 58-60 on the  Rockwell scale.  

The stonewashed finish on this blade gives it a nice roughed up look.  It also helps to hide scratches and gives the blade extra corrosion protection.

​The Diskin Hunter comes very sharp right out of the box.  This knife won't hold an edge as long as the Cutco will, but it's easy to resharpen.

Handle (Scales) Material

G-10 Scales - G-10 handles are made by epoxy-filling woven glass fibers.  The result is a handle design that is heat resistant, strong, and weather resistant.  G-10 can be buffed and polished.  The textured handles on the Kershaw Diskin also gives the knife a great grip with wet hands or while wearing gloves.

Knife Sheath

All leather sheath - While the all black leather sheath looks attractive, I have a few problems with it.  First there isn't a snap closure to secure the knife from falling out. Not a huge problem as the knife fits fairly snug into the sheath.  

But my biggest problem is the leather feels cheap.  Will it last the life of the knife?  My guess is not.  This is the weak point of this knife and I feel Kershaw could of provided a better sheath to complete this hunting knife.


Limited Lifetime Warranty - Kershaw Knives will repair or replace any knife that is shown to have a factory defect for the life of the knife.  It only applies to the original owner although I'm not sure how they are going to enforce this one.

They also will resharpen your Kershaw knife for free if you send it back to their Oregon location.  They will resharpen any knives sent in for warranty too.​

  • 14C28N Stainless Steel Blade
  • Strong Drop Point Design
  • G-10 Scales 
  • Made in the USA
  • Poor Sheath Material

Final Thoughts

If your looking for an American made hunting knife that can do all the general tasks and looks great, then you may have just found your knife.  The Kershaw 1085 Diskin Hunter is an all around performer and can usually be purchased for under $50.  If the sheath was better, this knife would be right at the top of the list of best hunting knives.