Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 Knife Review

Spyderco Bushcraft Knife

When Spyderco decided to design a bushcraft knife they got together with BushcraftUK.com and Bushcrafter Chris Claycombe.  The result of this collaboration was the stunning Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 PlainEdge Knife.

Bushcraft is about a tradition and the Spyderco Bushcraft lives up to this tradition.  It has no hand guard like most traditional bushcraft knives.  It's perfect for wilderness chores of slicing, chopping, carving and game processing.  ​

What makes this knife so special?  Let's take a look at some of it's features.​

Blade Length, Blade Thickness, and Knife Weight

  • 4" Blade Length
  • 8 3/4" Overall Length
  • 0.14" Blade Thickness
  • Weighs 7.75 Ounces

What Comes in the Box?

Blade Design Advantages & Disadvantages

Drop Point - The Sypderco Bushcraft comes with the strong classic drop point.  This makes for a versatile blade with a strong tip.  It handles all the chores around the camp.  The full tang blade can make the small notches while still holding up to batonning wood.

The Bushcraft comes with a Scandinavian grind blade.​  This means there is a single bevel on the blade.  This is great for biting into things like wood when making feather sticks and splitting kindling for your fires. 

The spine of this knife is a sharp 90 degrees meaning it will throw sparks from a ferro rod easily.​  It's also nice for scraping bark.  Finally, the blade comes with the trademark Spyderco hole in the blade for those looking to add this to their Spyderco collection.

Blade Material

Bushcraft Fire

O-1 Carbon Steel Blade - O-1 is an oil quenched steel that makes a great carbon blade.  The oil quenching process minimizes the distortion of the steel when compared to water quenching.  

This tool steel is also very easy to sharpen.  The hardening process makes for good edge retention as well.  The O-1 tool steel is one of the best high carbon blades you can buy in a bushcraft knife.  Because of the high carbon content in this blade it will throw a spark when you strike a piece of flint against the blade spine.

Handle (Scales) Material

G-10 Scales -  The handles on the Spyderco Bushcraft are made by weaving glass fibers and then filling them with an epoxy.  The result is a handle that is not only great looking but temperature and weather resistant.

The handles come in black and have a lanyard hole.​  The G-10 scales provide a strong yet ergonomic grip for this well balanced knife.

Knife Sheath

Leather Sheath - This bushcraft knife comes with a quality leather sheath.  The sheath has a plastic insert to help protect the blade.  

There is also several eyelets located all around this sheath to give you attaching points.  The sheath could be tied to your pack or you can attach accessories like an Altoids tin through these eyelets.


The Spyderco Bushcraft is covered by Spyderco's Limited Manufactures Warranty.  Spyderco will cover any knife that has failed because of a factory defect.  If Spyderco decides that the knife didn't fail because of a defect they will contact you to discuss repair options.

Also, Spyderco will sharpen any knife that you send to the Colorado location.  Simply include $5 to cover the shipping.  The will also replace any broken tips or blades at this same location for $25 ($20 plus $5 shipping).​

  • O-1 Tool High Carbon Steel
  • G-10 Handles
  • Scandi Grind
  • Quality Leather Sheath
  • Drop Point Blade Design
  • 4" Blade might be too short for some 
  • Higher Priced Knife

Final Thoughts

The Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 Knife is everything you could imagine when you bring three great minds together to design a knife.  It's build with high quality materials with bushcrafting in mind.  Definitely give this knife a shot on your next wilderness skills adventure.