The Best Knife Reviews

Have you ever wondered what the best knives are?  The best hunting knife?  The best EDC knife?  The best bushcraft knives?  Well I have too.

I created out of my love for knives.  Knives have always held a special part in my heart from my first hunting knife to the knife I carry everyday.  

KnifePath is a great resource from learning how to sharpen and care for your knife to in-depth reviews on knives you might be looking to buy.

I've split up into several categories to help you narrow the search for a particular type of knife.  You can check out these categories below.​

Hunting Knives

This section is devoted to the finding the best hunting knife.  I will discuss the best knives for deer hunting, wild boars, & skinning.  There will also be reviews on folding and fixed blade hunting knives.  Finally there will be some general articles on hunting.

Bushcraft Knives

Ah yes the best bushcraft knives.  The original survival wilderness knives.  I will give reviews of all sorts of bushcraft knives from carbon steel to stainless.  There will even be some beginner articles on bushcrafting.

EDC Everyday Carry Knives

If you don't carry a knife everyday, you should.  I will give you reviews to help you find the best EDC knife for you.  There will be a wide range of knives to fit anyone's budget.  I will also cover some other things that you should carry as a part of your EDC gear.

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